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  CPE - Continuing Professional Education  
  The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) requires that, beginning with licenses that expire on or after January 1, 2007, all licensed courtroom interpreters receive 8 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) before renewing their licenses.
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Access Language Center has been certified by the TDLR as a provider of training for interpreters and is offering two classes, which also have been certified by the TDLR. Successful completion of these two classes satisfies all requirements for renewing your license. These classes can be completed in one day of classroom instruction in the Richardson/Dallas area. The classes are not specific to any language; an interpreter for any language may attend, as all instruction is in English.

  The Concept of Interpreting TDLR Course # 1596

Successful completion earns 6 hours of CPE credit in the area of "practice topics." The interpreter's job is to recognize the concept expressed by the source language words and present that same concept in the target language. This course will look at ways in which concepts can be more easily identified thus providing a more faithful interpretation of the source and a better flow of communication.
  Ethics and the Big Picture TDLR Course # 1597

Successful completion earns 2 hours of CPE credit in the area of ethics. An interpreter holds an inordinate amount of power over the outcome of a trial and thus has a corresponding obligation to honor a very strict code of ethics. Using lecture as well as group discussion and scenarios, this course reviews the code and individual canons as to how they protect the integrity of the judicial process as well as the individuals involved (including the interpreter). This course will satisfy the specific TDLR requirement for ethics instruction.
  The price for attending an all-day session of both classes and associated materials is $195, payable by cash, personal check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). If you only desire to attend one of the courses, the cost is $150 for The Concept of Interpreting or $100 for Ethics and the Big Picture.

We must receive your payment in full with the registration form, which also contains details on cancellation polices.

If you wish to participate in this CPE program, send an e-mail to or a fax to 972-808-0108. We will then send you the current schedule and enrollment forms. We look forward to assisting you in renewing your courtroom interpreter license.